Solar Water Heating

When considering solar water heating system for an existing home or a new home there are several Solahart options available, which will seamlessly incorporate into your plans and ensure the solar water heater does not interfere with the aesthetics of your new home.

Example 1: Solahart Bt Series

The standard unit is the 300 litre 302Bt (10 year warranty), with two panels, suitable for family sized homes with up to 5 or 6 people. Alternatively the 180 litre 181Bt with one panel is recommended for small dwellings with 2 or 3 people. All have a 3Kw element as a backup for prolonged periods of overcast cold weather. This can be fine tuned to your particular hot water usage with a time switch or solar monitor if required. Alternatively gas boosting, wetbacks or other alternative fuels may be used. The horizontal Solahart cylinder is located either on the roof, or inside the roof if there is sufficient space and above the level of the top of the solar panels to allow the thermosyphon to operate.

Subject to roof pitch criteria, you may have the horizontal cylinder concealed inside the roof out of sight. No pumps are required on these Solahart models, which ensures they are unaffected during unexpected power cuts or off peak power restrictions. The Solahart cylinder is the only hot water cylinder you need, freeing up valuable floor space inside your house.

Example 2: Solahart Streamline Drainback Series

Instead of having a storage tank on or inside the roof, the streamline tank is installed out of sight at ground level. All that remains up top is Solahart’s unobtrusive low profile solar collectors. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of Solahart’s drainback advanced solar technology; the efficiency, the savings, the environmentally friendly attributes, with the aesthetics of your home.

When solar gain is available, cold glycol from the bottom of the storage tank heat exchanger is moved up through the solar collector panels, where it gathers energy, before returning hot glycol to heat up the the storage tank.

In times of inclement weather the electrical or the gas booster systems operate ensuring continuous steaming hot water with maximum efficiency.

Wetback Connectivity

Wetback connections can be added to boost the Solahart systems.

Commercial and Industrial applications

We have a full range of solar products for farm, commercial and industrial applications. Electricity, LPG, Gas or Wetbacks can boost Solahart systems.

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